We’ve partnered with GoAnimate to make it easy to create animated videos online using Common Craft Cut-outs.

Become a member of Common Craft and get 10% off GoAnimate membership, plus free access to our Cut-outs inside GoAnimate.

No Special Equipment
Just use your computer and an internet connection.


No Big Teams or Budgets
Just a regular person, like you, who needs to get some videos made. 

School Pricing
GoAnimate offer plans specific to schools and school systems.

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Why Make Videos Online With GoAnimate?

Questions and Answers
What is the difference between Cut-outs in Common Craft membership and those inside GoAnimate? 
The Cut-outs that come with Common Craft are downloadable image files (.png) that can easily be inserted into presentations, documents, web pages, etc., like any other image.  The Cut-outs available in GoAnimate only work inside GoAnimate and can be animated easily.  By purchasing Common Craft membership first, you save 10% on GoAnimate and have access to both types of Cut-outs. 
How does the free Cut-outs upgrade and 10% savings work for Common Craft members?
Common Craft members receive coupons for use when signing up at GoAnimate and unlocking the Cut-outs. 
Is Common Craft membership required to use Cut-outs in GoAnimate?
No. The full library of Cut-outs is also available as an upgrade to GoAnimate. These Cut-outs only work inside GoAnimate.
Can I share the videos I make online? What about YouTube?
Yes. GoAnimate makes it easy to create and share videos online, including exporting directly to YouTube at high resolution.
Can I create videos for commercial use?  What about reselling?
Yes. GoAnimate provides for commercial and reselling licenses. 
Are there options for schools?
Yes. GoAnimate offers a product that is specifically designed and priced for schools. Find school pricing here

Membership starts at $49/yr

Common Craft Plans and PricingCommon Craft Plans and Pricing

Common Craft + GoAnimate:

  • Download Cut-outs (.png) from Common Craft for multiple uses.
  • Get 10% off GoAnimate membership
  • Free upgrade for Cut-outs at GoAnimate
Common Craft Plans and Pricing

You have a choice:

GoAnimate Only:

  • Create animated videos online 
  • Upgrade to Common Craft Cut-outs - $59/yr
  • Use Common Craft Cut-outs and other visuals inside GoAnimate only.
GoAnimate GoAnimate for Schools


GoAnimate is a fast and easy way to make animated videos online – no software required. Simply login and use their drag-and-drop video maker to turn your idea into an animated video.